Tank transport of fruit juices

Throughout Europe 24/7

Do you want to have pure juice transported? Organic juice? Or concentrates? Wemmers Tanktransport specialises in temperature controlled tank transport of fruit juices from the well-known juice terminals in Ghent, Rotterdam and Amsterdam to bottlers and other juice producers throughout Europe.

Klaas Wezeman
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Klaas Wezeman

Tank transport of fruit juices throughout Europe


We transport fruit juices to customers throughout Europe. We have various branches and an extensive transport network, so we can serve every location. Intermodal transport is also possible. 


Our strength is our expertise and experience. We have been a pioneer in the transport of liquid foodstuffs since 1948. We deliver accurately, on time and for a competitive rate.  

Temperature controlled transport of concentrates, pure juice and organic juice

Fruit juices are a highly temperature-sensitive product 

So it is vital juice is transported as efficiently as possible to minimise the time in transit. To safeguard their quality, fresh products must be transported at the right temperature.

We continually monitor the temperature during loading, transport and unloading. This gives our clients the guarantee that fruit juices are transported in our insulated tankers and containers under the best possible conditions.

24/7 real-time insight

As a producer, you need the assurance that we will load at the agreed times. As a customer, you need to depend on the timely delivery of your shipment of juices and concentrates. To provide those guarantees, we monitor our trailers in real time. 

This enables us to inform you about the precise arrival time of a trailer and notify you proactively if there are any unexpected changes. If you wish, you can also follow the load real-time (track and trace) via your Transport Management System (TMS) and the GPS data of our trucks.

VDF guaranteed tank transport of fruit juice

The transport of fruit juices is subject to strict regulations. Only the best is good enough for us. The various certification we hold demonstrates our commitment to quality.


Modern trucks and tank trailers


We transport fruit juices in tanks in compliance with the highest quality standards. Our drivers are trained according to the strictest safety and quality standards and our fleet is fully equipped for the food safe transport of liquid foodstuff. 


We use special tippers to transport concentrated, frozen fruit juices. This minimises any residues of these high viscosity juices and ensures quick and efficient unloading.

Extra service from Wemmers:
On Site Operations

As a producer, you want to focus on the production process. We're happy to support you with On Site Operations. 

An experienced specialist from Wemmers is present every day at your production site. This On Site Operator arranges (pre)loading and/or unloading of tank trailers so you can focus on your core business. 

The benefits of On Site Operations:

The benefits of On Site Operations:

  • You can fully focus on the production process.
  • Loading and unloading is optimally aligned with the production process.
  • The production department does not have to wait for the driver to arrive. This boosts the production output.
  • No waiting time for drivers. This enhances transport efficiency.
Tank trailers professionally cleaned at our tank cleaning station

In our own state-of-the-art cleaning stations , we clean tank containers in compliance with cleaning protocols. We have been awarded EFTCO Food Assessment and work according to HACCP principles. 

We also clean according to the VDF regulations. Do you want complete insight into the cleaning process? In that case we can provide a Clean Secure certificate, in addition to the cleaning certificate. This document states all the details of the tank cleaning process.

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Klaas Wezeman
Klaas Wezeman