Sustainable logistics

Doing business with respect for the environment

Reducing our impact on the environment and the immediate surroundings is a constant priority at Wemmers Tanktransport. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment, train our drivers to drive economically and invest in energy-efficient measures with the aim of reducing our CO2 footprint.

"For Wemmers, sustainable entrepreneurship is an important spearhead.”

Management Team

Modern, economical fleet

Our fleet consists of 240 trucks and fully complies with the Euro 6 emissions standards. We invest in well-maintained, young and modern equipment. Diesel engines are becoming increasingly fuel efficient and we are also actively engaged in a dialogue with customers about the use of renewable fuels and electric vehicles. 

These measures combine to minimise CO2 emissions. We also have three compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. These gas-powered trucks emit considerably fewer fine particles than conventional vehicles and are much quieter.

Maximum loading volume, minimum CO2 emissions

We carry out tank transport as efficiently as possible. Our planning and trading department makes every effort to avoid empty runs. 

Our goal:

Our goal is to optimise the loading capacity of the vehicle and minimise the number of empty kilometres. This lowers logistics costs and reduces the burden on the environment. Fewer empty kilometres also means lower CO2 emissions per ton of transported product.

Intermodal transport

Transport your products by road, water or rail


What about transporting your products intermodally? Wemmers is in the process of developing intermodal transport. 

Intermodal transport enables you to transport your goods by road, water or rail. Utilising multiple modalities ensures you benefit from an optimal logistics solution. Cleverly combining these modalities is more cost effective and reduces CO2 emissions.


Smart use of residual heat in tank cleaning

Maximum impact, minimum pollution. That is our objective at our tank cleaning stations in Zaandam and Bleskensgraaf. Both facilities have their own waste water purification systems. We are currently examining how we can refine this water treatment so that waste water can be reused.

The heat released by this waste water is also reused to heat fresh water. 

Heating fresh water in this way reduces energy consumption by approximately 30%. And CO2 emissions are also reduced by around 150 tons per year! And as an added benefit, the treatment is more efficient and contaminants are better captured when water is sent to the purification units at a lower temperature.

Wemmers participates in the Lean & Green Award programme

Our sustainability efforts have yielded results. 

In 2022 we received our first Lean & Green Star. 

Lean & Green is a European programme for the transport sector that aims to reduce CO2 emissions. 

We were awarded a Lean & Green Star because, among other things, we managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

Drivers trained in eco-driving

A driver's style of driving has major implications on fuel consumption. Our drivers are trained in ‘New Driving’ where they are given tips and tools to help them drive more fuel efficiently. This will contributes to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Eco-driving doesn't stop after the training course. The driving behaviour is actively monitored. Where necessary, drivers are supervised to help improve their driving style.

LED lighting in offices

We are also working on sustainability at our offices and other buildings. 

For example, we have installed LED lighting in our offices and on the outdoor premises. We constantly investigate ways of increasing the sustainability of our sites and saving energy.

Wemmers has the highest Ecostars rating


Ecostars is a programme of the municipality of Rotterdam that helps entrepreneurs on their journey to clean and smart logistics. The programme shows that Wemmers has already made great strides in the field of sustainability in road transport.


Wemmers was awarded the highest Ecostars rating due to the fact that the entire fleet consists of Euro 6 standard vehicles, among other factors. Providing eco-driving training, on-going training and monitoring of driver behaviour also significantly contributed to this maximum score.

Wemmers & Blauwzaam

Since the formation of the Blauwzaam foundation, a regional platform that promotes sustainability, Wemmers has been a member. Stichting Blauwzaam, together with entrepreneurs, authorities, education and organisations, introduces initiatives to make the region more sustainable.

This is done by promoting sustainable entrepreneurship in the Alblasserwaard/Vijfherenlanden region and by providing a platform for local businesses. 

Since November 2015, Wemmers has been a full partner and offers its permanent support to the Blauwzaam foundation.

Wemmers & EcoVadis


EcoVadis is a standard that is embraced by a large part of the (foodstuffs) industry. As part of the Nijhof-Wassink Group, Wemmers is affiliated with EcoVadis. 


EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of environmental, social, and ethical performance ratings. Its ratings indicate, among other things, your company's performance in relation to CO2 reduction and human resources.

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