Cleaning tank trailers and tank containers

Assured, traceable and certified clean

 Tank trailers and tank containers used to transport liquid foodstuffs must comply with strict quality and safety requirements. 

At our state-of-the-art cleaning stations in Bleskensgraaf and Zaandam, we ensure that tank trailers and containers used to transport foodstuffs are properly cleaned. 

Wemmers Tanktransport , for internal cleaning of tank trucks in safe hands.


We clean our own vehicles and tank trailers and containers from fellow transport companies at our dedicated cleaning stations.

Wemmers Cleaning Bleskensgraaf
Wervenkampsweg 4
NL - 2971 VJ Bleskensgraaf
Contact: +31 184 726 247

Wemmers Cleaning Zaandam
Sluispolderweg 42A
NL - 1505 HK Zaandam
+31 184 726 205

Wemmers is an approved tank cleaning company


Tank cleaning is a specialism. Our cleaning stations in Bleskensgraaf and Zaandam are equipped with all the facilities for tank cleaning.


Wemmers Tanktransport is also part of a network of certified cleaning installations in Europe: 

The European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organizations (EFTCO). We are also members of the Dutch branch organisation: the Association of Tank Cleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN).

Tank cleaning to the strictest standards

The cleaning activities at Wemmers comply with the most stringent standards. Our enthusiastic team of qualified colleagues clean the trailers. The trailers are sealed after cleaning and an assured cleaning certificate is issued. This ensures all equipment is assured, traceable and certified clean.

Our services:
  • Disinfection
  • Sterile cleaning
  • Kosher cleaning
  • Steaming
  • All your specific foodstuff requirements 
Clean Secure certified tank cleaning

The quality of the cleaning processes is guaranteed at our cleaning stations. 

Wemmers Tanktransport operates according to the highest HACCP, SQAS and ATCN standards and is ISO 22000 certified. We also clean according to the VdF regulations.

Do you want complete insight into the cleaning process? In that case we can provide a Clean Secure certificate, in addition to the cleaning certificate. This certificate records all the details about the tank cleaning process, such as the water temperature, the detergent used and the cleaning time.

Tank cleaning with respect for the environment

We take respect for the environment very seriously. Our tank cleaning facilities are designed for maximum impact and minimal contamination.

The installations have a waste water purification system to enable water to be reused. 

The heat released by this water is reused for heating. These measures save energy and contribute to increased sustainability.

Guaranteed food-safe transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Choose Wemmers!
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