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Specialist in liquid foodstuff transport

Wemmers Tanktransport specialises in the transport of liquid foodstuffs in Europe. As a logistics service provider, our priority is food safe tank transport and an enjoyable working relationship with our clients. We deliver your liquid foodstuffs with care and attention, flexibly and quickly to the final destination to ensure the full satisfaction of your customer with the product. We also provide dedicated tank cleaning services.

Since 1880

Our strength is our expertise and experience: we have a rich history dating back to 1880. We have been a pioneer in the transport of liquid foodstuffs since 1948.

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Our promises
  • Responsible and certified transport of foodstuffs
  • An enjoyable working relationship with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team
  • Professional tank cleaning
  • We take our responsibilities in the food supply chain seriously
  • We operate an up-to-date fleet
  • We are a reliable partner for customers, suppliers and our employees
  • We are innovative, flexible and solution-oriented
  • We actively contribute to a sustainable society
  • We provide a good social environment for our employees and society
People make the difference at Wemmers

It goes without saying that we operate a modern and well-maintained fleet of trucks and tank trailers. 

But what really makes a difference at Wemmers? Our people of course!

Our enthusiastic and skilled team are committed to providing clients with the ultimate in service every day. 

Do we have to go the extra mile? No problem, we see logistic challenges as issues to be solved.

Tank transport with a minimum CO2 footprint

We take respect for the environment very seriously at Wemmers. As a logistics service provider, we recognise and accept our responsibility. We constantly search for ways of reducing the impact on the environment and our immediate surroundings.

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment, train our drivers to drive economically and invest in energy-efficient measures to reduce our CO2 footprint.

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Start eerste transporten Wemmers

In Bleskensgraaf, close to the world famous port of Rotterdam, Wemmers started its transport activities in 1880. In this region with plenty of waterways, Anton Wemmers specialised in carrying agricultural produce by barge. His barge ‘De Eben Haëzer’ transported butter, cheese and pigs to the market in Dordrecht.


1906 & 1924
The next generation of Wemmers

In 1906, the next generation took over the transport activities. Together with some of his brothers, Arie followed in his father's footsteps and increasingly focused on forwarding.

The first vehicle

The first vehicle was purchased in 1924. The increase in freight transport by road impacted on transport by water. The activities declined and finally ceased in 1941.


The third generation joins the company

During the Second World War, milk was collected by horse and cart and cattle were transported by vehicles fuelled by wood gas. When the war ended, the company expanded by acquiring a number of cattle trucks.

In 1967, the third generation joined the company: Arie's son Rook became a co-owner. Rook was interested in transporting foodstuff. After a while, Wemmers Tanktransport  was carrying loads throughout Western Europe.


More, larger and further

The requirements for food transport became stricter. Wemmers kept pace with developments and invested in cleaning for tank trucks. The fleet continued to expand and the number of transport countries also increased."

In 2001, the last member of the Wemmers family left the board. The management passed to the director at the time, Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen. The name Wemmers was retained thanks to its historical value and outstanding reputation in the sector.


Part of Nijhof-Wassink Group

On 1 January 2002, Wemmers Tanktransport joined the Nijhof-Wassink Group: an internationally operating family business. Nijhof-Wassink Group was founded in 1967 and has evolved into an international service provider in the logistics and automotive industry. The Nijhof-Wassink Group has more than 1,800 employees based at various branches in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands.



With more than 240 state-of-the-art trucks and 350 tank trailers and tank containers, Wemmers has become a leading operator in the industry. We have ultra modern cleaning stations in Bleskensgraaf and Zaandam. We also have an in-house training centre and our own workshop for the maintenance and inspection of our own fleet. There are also branches in Belgium, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

We are synonymous with food safe, temperature-controlled transport of liquid foodstuffs

The transport of liquid foodstuffs is subject to strict regulations. Only the best is good enough for us. The various certification we hold demonstrates our commitment to quality.

We guarantee that your products will be transported in a food safe manner.


Internal training programme

High-trained and competent drivers take to the road every day to transport all types of foodstuffs in a safe, responsible and certified way. To guarantee this, Wemmers has its own training centre at Bleskensgraaf where our drivers are given practical training.

As part of the Nijhof-Wassink Group, we are actively committed to ensuring the health and safety of employees and the environment. Nijhof-Wassink employs a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). BBS coaches and mentor drivers also play an important role in supervising drivers.

Drivers are trained in:
  • HACCP-training: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, risk inventory foodstuffs
  • Damage Prevention (in cooperation with insurance company TVM)
  • "New Style Driving": fuel efficient and lower environmental impact
  • Basic training: how we work at Wemmers, safety, inspection, loading & unloading, signalling & problem solving
  • Language proficiency in the main European language: English
At Wemmers Tanktransport, a close-knit and committed team is ready to help you

Wemmers believes in a personal approach. Curious to discover what we can do for you?

Eric Goverde
Eric Goverde
Klaas Wezeman
Klaas Wezeman

Nijhof-Wassink Group

Proud company

The family-owned business, founded in 1967, has grown into a true all-round player in the logistics industry, both nationally and internationally. 


In addition to Wemmers Tanktransport, the Nijhof-Wassink Group includes Volvo Trucks and Renault commercial vehicle dealership Nijwa, e-mobility solutions provider Nijwa Zero, Truck & Trailer service company Nijwa Trucks, leasing company Nowa Lease, and chemical and feed logistics company Nijhof-Wassink. The 1,850 employees of the Nijhof-Wassink Group operate from 26 different locations in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands."

of Wemmers

No one succeeds alone. Strategic and reliable partners are invaluable. Our partners include: