Where we ride

Were we ride

In the last couple of years Wemmers’ network has been growing. By having Wemmers offices in Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany, we are having a clear view of the local markets and the opportunities they offer for our customers. At this time, after the Netherlands, most orders are being transported to Belgium, France and Germany.

For the most optimal form of service Wemmers is using “hubs” in France (2), Germany and the Czech Republic. Because of this, we are increasing the coverage of our network even more, to offer maximum results for every transport. When you want your goods shipped to the United Kingdom or Italy, we are the partner for you. By having agents in Italy and the UK we can offer you the optimal solution.

By using the newest technology, Wemmers is in control of its fleet and your goods. We know:

  • Every location of trucks and trailers on the map,
  • The travelled routes,
  • The status of your cargo,
  • The expected arrival.

When something threatens to go wrong automatic alarm bells will be generated: deviation of the expected arrival, a truck who enters or leaves a specific area, and so on.

Wemmers Tanktransport has a total overview. The planner keeps control of the fleet, can proactively intervene and efficiently scheduling transportation orders.

Communication with our drivers

A board computer on the truck provides direct exchanges of information with the drivers:

  • Forward text messages with instructions
  • Indicate routes and destinations,
  • Pass on scheduling,
  • Signalling  unsafe location or traffic jams, and so on.

But also determine directly:

  • How much driving time the driver has left,
  • Why and where is he waiting,
  • Analyses around fuel consumption and driving performance,
  • Determine trends.

With Wemmers Tanktransport your liquid food is safely on route!