Customer experience: Trigona & Wemmers

Oct 2020

At Wemmers, we are trying to support our customers to the utmost.

This is shown in our  day-to-day dedication to deliver at  high performance levels. But sometimes, the cooperation with our customers requires something special. For our cooperation with Trigona Dairy Trade this meant that we had to secure a new certification for the transportation of A2 milk. As this is a complete different supply chain of milk, compared to regular milk, this required an effort from all parties involved.

Together with Trigona, the requirements to obtain this certification were met rapidly and the necessary certificate was issued in a timely manner.

Robert van Rijswijk, logistic manager at Trigona Dairy Trade: “We have a great corporation with Wemmers. They are flexible, reliable and a great partner to have onboard. When we had the demand for a certification for our logistics service provider, we immediately thought of Wemmers. It was great to see how quickly the necessary actions where taken to make sure we could deliver our customer on time. We are looking with confidence towards the future to grow, together with Wemmers!”

As this is just an example of what we can offer our customers, feel free to contact us if you need something different or have a special product that needs to be transported!