Wemmers Tanktransport recognized as financially healthy company

Sep 2012

At the end of August Wemmers Tanktransport received an award from Graydon. This confirms that Wemmers Tanktransport stands at the top of financially sound companies in his industry. In times of financial uncertainty  an important signal.

Strict criteria
In order to receive the award Wemmers Tanktransport had to meet certain strict conditions. Based on a mix of factors such as turnover and annual payment behavior could conclusively confirm Wemmers Tanktransport to be a company with a positive credit advice and that is a minimal risk of default.

Responsible business
Paul of the Nieuwenhuizen, General Manager at Wemmers Tanktransport: "Also with this award we show we make a different in our branch. Business relationships can rely on Wemmers Tanktransport "