Wemmers Tanktransport is prepared for future challenges with APS

Dec 2012

With the supply chain integration module and Advanced Planning Scheduling Wemmers Tanktransport is prepared for future challenges.


Wemmers Tanktransport has to deal with various challenges, for example reducing CO2 emissions, price pressure, hygiene & safety rules, changes in laws and regulations, labour shortage of good planners etc. Together with YellowStar all the processes are audited and together is determined which improvement will have the best ROI. The focus was set on the planning department.


"Wemmers Tanktransport has been working with the solutions of Yellowstar and Transics for some years now. Based on this cooperation and the cooperation between this two parties with ORTEC, we have chosen for Avanced Planning Scheduling from ORTEC", said Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen.

Information exchange

Yellowstar will now also be responsible for the information exchange of orders and master data between the TMS and ORTEC Transport and Distribution. Before this, the EDI / communication module was deployed at Wemmers for supply chain integration with shippers, by using of Transwide.