Wemmers Tanktransport continues to invest

Oct 2012

At the beginning of October Wemmers Tanktransport received two completely new state of the art Food grade Tank trailers. These food Grade tank trailers are specially designed for use in the food industry. Wemmers Tank transport confirmed to be progressive in vision.

Strict criteria

Wemmers Tank transport has chosen VanHool as supplier. Food Grade Tank trailers must comply with the strictest requirements for hygiene and must be able to unload every foodstuff without any problem. On the basis of strict criteria such as light weight, stable performance and some progressive developments Wemmers Tanktransport has placed an order of total 5 new food Grade tank trailers. By mid november they all will be in use

Absolutely safe working

Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen, General Director at Wemmers Tanktransport indicates that working safely is a priority "this innovative food Grade tank trailers are designed to avoid working at height for the driver during the process of unloading. Above that the trailers have good reflection all around".