Wemmers: Operational excellence brought to life!

Apr 2021

Wemmers & quality: a long history

28 years ago we started with the description of our processes and activities. We started with ISO 9001; and continued through HACCP towards ISO 22000 and GMP +. Then a new development, but now widely recognised and a demanded quality standard in the liquid food transport industry.

Today, our all procedures of such a high quality that our auditor from Lloyds during the last audit concluded: “it just works”! 
Wemmers has earned its name as a 'Quality management excellence organisation'!

We also received a nice plaquette as a token of our 28 yearlong corporation with Lloyds for all our certificates.
A compliment for all our hardworking employees who are daily occupied to transport all your foodstuff products safe and sound throughout Europe!