Wemmers opens second food cleaning in Zaandam

Feb 2019

Wemmers opens second food cleaning in Zaandam

In addition to the headquarter from Wemmers Tanktransport in Bleskensgraaf, Wemmers has also built a second cleaning in Zaandam.

In addition to the cleaning at the headquarters in Bleskensgraaf, Wemmers has also built a second food cleaning in Zaandam. Two tanks can be cleaned simultaneously in the new cleaning station. The station is only suitable for cleaning food tanks and is HACCP-certified. In the meantime the EFTCO food and SQAS audit has taken place, so a European Cleaning Document (ECD) can be issued after the cleaning process. 

By means of smart communication between ONEtoClean software and the PLC of the cleaning station, the consumption data is linked to the order number. This makes it is easier to trace how a tank has been cleaned. ONEtoClean also provides a unique entry system that ensures that every cleaning is carried out at an agreed time. Waiting times are prevented by booking these slots at the cleaning.

In addition to cleaning, tanks can also be heated with steam. A separate bay has been set up for this. The new cleaning has the possibility to disinfect, clean and dry and clean tanks kosher. In this way, the highest requirements in the field of food can be met. It is for Gröninger the third installation that was built on behalf of Wemmers. This is a follow-up to a relationship that goes back more than 20 years.

For more inquires and an setup in the system please mail cleaningzaandam@wemmers.nl