Tanktransport liquid food


The diversity of products to be transported requires a specific solution and a varied fleet.

  • Special tipping tanktrailers to prevent possible residue with liquids of a high viscosity.
  • Heated tanks with variable temperature adjustment, if needed for each compartment, adjustable, and if necessary with a pump that allows unloading of thick products without problems.
  • Every tanktrailer and container is equipped with a micro filter and some also have sterile filters.
  • Tank containers for unaccompanied (multimodal) transport or for conditioned temporary storage.
  • All lorries are equipped with a compressor and in the cabin a GSM telephone connected with a on-board computer.

Organised in central Holland we transport your product to the Benelux-countries, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Great-Britain, Northern Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungry, Croatia and Slovenia. Other destinations are in development and can always be considered. It is important that Wemmers Tanktransport delivers your products in a carefull, flexible and fast way, on time to the required destination.

Through this we have to uphold a reliable name for now and in the future.