Tanker cleaning

Assured, traceable and certified clean

Bleskensgraaf (close to Rotterdam) is the main location of Wemmers Tanktransport. At this location, Wemmers has invested in an hypermodern cleaning station. The Association of Tankcleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN) has declared that this installation the high quality standards of the ATCN meets. As proof Wemmers is entitled to the certificate: “Erkend tankreiningsbedrijf”. (Acknowledged tank cleaning business)

Cleaning is a science where time, temperature, chemicals and (mechanical) labour parts are which have to be used as efficient as possible. The installation at Wemmers is set up for maximum impact and minimal pollution. The installation has an own water cleaning system, which saves water and makes the water suitable for re-use.  Safety is also an very important factor.


  • Certified cleaning
  • Multiple wash lanes
  • 100 bar working pressure
  • Injected steam reduced to 3 bar
  • Assured cleaning: completely traceable
  • Water: drinking quality, temperature 80° C
  • Soap: alkaline food grade

The cleaning at Wemmers meets the latest HACCP standards. Our enthusiastic team of qualified colleagues is working day (and night) to ensure that there is enough capacity for our own material and that of our colleague transporters. After the cleaning the trailers are sealed and given an assured cleaning certificate. That makes all our equipment assured, traceable and certified clean.

Cleaning possibilities

  • Disinfection
  • Sterile cleaning
  • Kosher cleaning
  • Steaming

Cleaning: extern or on location

Wemmers is a part of an network of certificated cleaning installations throughout Europe: Association of Tankcleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN). This enables Wemmers to clean flexible and always meet the strict demands involved in the transportation of liquid food.