Successful certification SQAS Wemmers Tanktransport

Aug 2012

High quality and safe transportation of foodstuff is the core business of Wemmers Tanktransport. To guarantee this Wemmers Tanktransport is next to the known ISO 9001:2008 certification, since June 2012 SQAS Assessed.

The SQAS standard is primarily an assessment, by which our clients can find out how the current state of our safety, environment and quality level is.

Improvement measures

The SQAS standard has several forms. Wemmers Tanktransport is reviewed for its road transport and tank cleaning operations. Based on a detailed questionnaire Wemmers Tanktransport is reviewed by an independent auditor. The result of the assessment is a detailed factual report. Based on that, improvement measures can be taken.

Safe transportation guaranteed

The SQAS assessment guarantees that Wemmers Tanktransport meets the stringent requirements in terms of quality, safety and environment.

Within Wemmers Tanktransport business risks and hazards are minimized and the safety and quality of our services optimized and guaranteed. Wemmers Tanktransport uses a Quality Management System. In the system, all procedures, forms and flow charts are included, making it accessible and manageable to all.

The assessment is valid for three years and as a PDF file to download on the website.

Leon Bor
Quality and Sales Manager