Safe transport guaranteed again

Jan 2016

At Wemmers, safety is of paramount importance. In addition to our internal programme ‘Safety First’, Wemmers invests in high-quality and safe transport of foodstuffs. To guarantee this, in 2015 Wemmers has been recertified twice both for SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) and for EFTCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations) Food Assessment.



The assessment system SQAS checks if Wemmers meets the requirements in terms of organisation, quality, safety and the environment. The main findings of the auditor are:

- the safety awareness at Wemmers is high and the fall protection issues are properly addressed

- the Wemmers employees are very committed, something which is regarded as remarkably positive.



EFTCO Food Assessment is a special assessment of the Wemmers cleaning station. This time, too, the expertise in cleaning food-tankers was proven once again. The most important findings of this certification are:

- Wemmers has perfect control on the cleaning through an efficient cleaning and disinfection programme

- Wemmers is able to meet all the requirements of customers in the field of foodstuffs

- All equipment is cleaned according to the latest food defense requirements of the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO).


Based on these findings and an extensive screening, Wemmers has been certified for the next three years for road transport and tank cleaning.