Quality at a high level at Wemmers Tanktransport

Nov 2012

High quality and safe transportation is the core business of Wemmers Tanktransport. Obviously Wemmers Tanktransport follows the latest developments.

This week LRQA has made an extensive inventory based on the ISO 22000 standard. With good results we have passed Phase 1 of the evaluation.

ISO 22000
ISO 22000 combines' the best of both worlds: real food conditions, based on the basic hygienic conditions and HACCP standards of the Codex Alimentarius and an effective management system based on ISO 9001. The ISO 22000 project will be completed in March 2013.

Feed for Safe Food
As a specialist in the transport of food, we also supply products to the feed industry. Together with our customers we have made clear procedures in place in order to guarantee feed safety. Wemmers Tanktransport meets  all the requirements laid down in the GMP + certification scheme.

In Wemmers Tanktransport are business risks and hazards minimized and the safety and quality of our services optimized and guaranteed. This does Wemmers Tanktransport also guarantee to a significant group that wants its end-products being kosher. Also in 2013, Wemmers Tanktransport provide kosher transportation services.

Leon Bor
Quality and Sales Manager