Lean and Green


Wemmers part of Duurzaam Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden

On the website of Blauwzaam you can read that Wemmers Tanktransport is a part of a leading group which  goes  for 10% reduction in energy consumption.

Lean & Green Wemmers = sustainable

Sustainability, climate change,  reducing CO2 emission, are common terms often used. Governments and companies  set itself ambitious targets for reducing Co2. Also the logistic supply chain is accountable for sustainable decisions  in the logistic processes.

Of course, Wemmers Tanktransport is ahead.

Wemmers Tanktransport has committed itself to a project called “Lean and Green”. It is a project stimulated by durable Logistics / Connekt. The goal is to bring together 250 leaders who all reduce 20% Co2 in their logistic process (basic data 2007). An objective which fits the ambitions of Wemmers Tanktransport BV.