Actions Wemmers Tanktransport towards COVID - 19

Mar 2020

Dear customer,

As you know, there is currently, as stated by the WHO; "An Emergency of International Interest in Public Health"; the spread of the Corona or COVID-19 virus is labeled as a pandemic.

Wemmers Tanktransport has an active policy and applies measures to help limit the health risk of all parties within our environment.

We have provided advice and measures to protect the health of workers, customers and suppliers, including:

  • All known basic hygiene measures, including those related to washing hands, coughing, sneezing, etc.
  • Staff who feel flu-like symptoms stay at home and report by telephone to the local medical service and management
  • Personnel residing in defined risk areas work from home
  • Customer staff and drivers will be kept out of Wemmer's workshops and tank cleaning stations. Waiting takes place in the cabin of the truck or outside in a covered place

At various customers and suppliers, local requirements on the control of visitors, including drivers, are applied. We support this, including:

  • Use of respiratory protection - facemask with protection against moisture / vapor
  • Increased hand hygiene and wearing gloves

We have installed a team that continuously monitors the situation locally, nationally and internationally.

If you have any questions, please contact From there coordination within the Wemmers Tanktransport organization will take place.

Paul van den Nieuwenhuizen